A treasure to "care"

From the heart of the Neapolitan tradition: a good and natural pasta like our land

Pasta makers

We have been producing pasta for over 70 years, proud of our origins and our history. Our pasta is as good as it used to be in the past, the result of the most authentic Neapolitan tradition made in our innovative plant in Eboli (SA).

All the shapes of our passion

Why is our pasta so good?

Because it was born in Campania, where the food is culture and every dish of pasta is able to tell a story, where the gastronomic tradition speaks of love, where in the air it’s possible to breathe the scent of the sea, where excellent, unique and natural products grow thanks to the sun.


Campania is a generous region, that’s why we strive to protect it.

With a pack that respects the environment

Pezzullo Pasta is wrapped in a new pack: 100% natural, free of plastic materials and biodegradable. It’s a gesture of love towards our products and our land.

With many useful actions to protect and safeguard our territory

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